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The Value of Water: Water Stock Accounts:

South Africa


Water accounts were initially compiled by the Natural Resource Accounting in Southern Africa (NRASA) project in 2000, including physical and monetary accounts for 1991–92 through 1998–99. These first accounts were for physical stocks as well as physical flows. A follow-up study by Statistics South Africa. Incorporated the Upper Vaal Water Management Area (WMA) into the accounts. Water accounts are now institutionalised in water management in South Africa. As of 2003, all 19 WMAs in the country had updated water accounts for the year 2000, according to the UN SEEA. Water accounts are created for each individual WMA and then aggregated to the national level. South Africa is the only country in the Orange-Senqu River basin to consider environmental flow requirements in its water accounts (Lange and Hassan 2006).

In South Africa the natural sources of water considered are:

  • Precipitation
  • Run-off
  • Groundwater (not adequately accounted for)
  • Return flows (a secondary source of water supply)

Institutional sources include:

  • Department of Water Affairs
  • Irrigation boards
  • Water boards
  • Municipalities

Users are grouped under the following:

  • Social (includes households)
  • Environmental (flow requirements)
  • Value-adding (agriculture, industry, mining, services, etc).
Environmental Flows are considered in South Africa's water accounts.
Source:Pyke 2002
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